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  • Lot 69 IRAN, période Qadjar, XIXe.
    Grand carreau rectangulaire Qadjar à pâte siliceuse à décor moulé et polychrome d'un fauconnier et d'une courtisane sur leurs chevaux dans un paysage fleuri et architecturé, accompagnés d'un chien. La signature de l'artiste est inscrite dans une fleur centrale située entre les deux personnages. Dans la partie supérieure une frise florale sur fond blanc borde la scène.
    Présence au dos d'une étiquette ancienne avec numéro d'inventaire.
    30 x 25 cm.
    (deux restaurations anciennes aux angles supérieur et inférieur droits).

    Expert : Alexis RENARD

    1 750,00 €


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THEPACKENGERS is unique to the market. Their teams are made up of 110 employees divided between technical engineers and specialists in packing and logistics dedicated to the fine-art and luxury goods industries. THEPACKENGERS has 8000 m2 of warehousing designed specifically for packing, from a single carton to a full-spec, museum-grade crate. Six conveniently located, dedicated logistics warehouses allow us to offer complete B2B fulfillment services for your business.

How is the price calculated?

The price corresponds to a set of services: pick-up, packing, crating, administrative and customs formalities, all-risks insurance.

Why is the pricing so competitive?

THEPACKENGERS has revolutionized the packing and shipment of fragile items through the digitization of all processes from the collection through shipment of goods. This approach allows us to mass volume, optimize the shipping routes and reduce cost.

Can a low value item have a high shipping cost?

Yes, because there are irreducible costs that are not linked to the value of the goods.

A low value item may have packaging and transport costs greater than its market value.

This is indeed the case for many products where transport costs are a major part of the cost price. This is beyond our control.

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Once your order is paid, the price is fixed and will not change at any time.

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How are my goods collected?

THEPACKENGERS has a fleet of vehicles staffed by well-trained fine art handlers.

Our fine-art handlers collect and pack millions of dollars in value each year.

How are my goods packed?

Our expertise for more than a century allows us to define the appropriate packaging protection type of packaging taking into account the fragility, value and destination of works: soft packing - reinforced boxes – dedicated wedges – wooden boxes – bespoke crates – slot crates - easel cases – climate crates – jewels crates.

How are my objects transported?

Depending on the size, value and final destination, THEPACKENGERS will choose from our own vehicles, common couriers such as DHL as well as IATA-approved airlines, and our network of fine art shippers.

How can I track my package?

As soon as your order is paid, your URL link becomes a tracking link with the following steps: paid – collected – packed– in transit.

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What happens if my package arrives and my goods are damaged?

If you have taken out all-risk transit insurance with THEPACKENGERS (we automatically offer it) you are fully covered in the event of damage.

You are obliged to complete the below steps in the event of a dispute:

  1. Upon receipt, check your package externally, and open in the presence of the delivery agent. In case of damage, and before signing for the delivery of the goods, make clear and precise reservations about the delivery note: presence of marks, missing elements, etc.
  2. No later than 3 days after delivery, send the reservations taken at delivery, by registered mail + copy by email, to the final carrier and to THEPACKENGERS.
  3. Submit a declaration of loss within 2 days of delivery or no case will be admissible. This declaration should be sent by e-mail to
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    Other documents may be requested, depending on the size and circumstances of the claim.
  4. Do not attempt to repair or restore the goods in advance of receiving confirmation from THE FINAL CARRIER OR THEPACKENGERS or your claim will not be admissible.

If you have refused to take out the all-risk transit insurance offered by THEPACKENGERS for your shipment, you will not be able to claim any compensation in any case.

How are the goods shipped?

THEPACKENGERS offers 2 incoterms, DAP (home delivery) and DAT (delivery at destination terminal). All of our DAP offers are delivered to the buyer without local customs duties, taxes and fees applicable in the destination country. These fees are payable at arrival to the final carrier or agent.

On the few destinations where THEPACKENGERS is not able to deliver directly to the buyer’s home (DAP), we carry out destination “made at terminal” deliveries. In these particular cases, our prices will only include the transport part of the operation. Import formalities, customs duties, other taxes and VAT must be paid by the final consignee upon arrival in the destination country.

Cultural, Export and International Regulations

There are a variety of cultural and export licenses in addition to International regulations that restrict the free movement of arts, decorative and luxury goods. THEPACKENGERS will apply for all necessary formalities including applications for CITES and export licenses. If your shipment is subject to any additional regulation, one of our team members will contact you directly.

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