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1 lot to be delivered

  • Lot n° 5 A JAPANESE KATANA, SHOWA PERIOD (1926-1945), WITH EARLIER BLADE Sugata (configuration); shinogi-zukuri (longitudinal ridgeline) with torii-zori (even curve); medium kissaki (tip of blade); kitae (forging pattern); details obscured by rubbing; hamon (tempering pattern); broad notare choji, but mostly obscured by rubbing; 2 piece copper habaki (collar); nakago (tang); ubu (unshortened), mumei (unsigned) with one mekugi-ana (peg hole) Koshirae (mounting); saya (scabbard); wooden with leather protective cover and suspension ring; wooden tsuka (handle) wrapped in brown silk over white samegawa (ray skin), standard brass military fuchi (collar) kabutogane (hilt pommel), tsuba (sword guard) and menuki (hilt grip) with sakura (cherry blossom) and kiku (chrysanthemums)