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1 lot to be delivered

  • Lot n° 4 A JAPANESE KATANA, EARLY 20TH CENTURY Sugata (configuration); shinogi-zukuri (longitudinal ridgeline) with shallow torii-zori (even curve); medium kissaki (tip of blade); kitae (forging pattern); details obscured by rubbing; hamon (tempering pattern); broad suguha; silvered habaki (collar) with half chrysanthemum rising over waves; nakago (tang); one mekugi-ana (peg hole), mumei (unsigned) but decorated with a half chrysanthemum over waves Koshirae (mounting); saya (scabbard) dark red lacquer with kurikata; tsuka (handle) wooden wrapped in brown leather over dark samegawa (ray skin), tsuba (hand guard) pierced iron, small replacement menuki (hilt grip)